The Harris County Attorney’s Office
Located in downtown Houston, the Harris County Attorney’s Office represents Harris County government, the Harris County Flood Control District, the Harris County Toll Road Authority, and the Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network in all civil matters, including lawsuits. The office also provides legal advice to county officials and employees.
Compliance & Revenue

The Compliance and Revenue Division specializes in lawsuits for debt collection and enforcement of laws that protect the interests of Harris County. This practice group files lawsuits for collecting fines, taxes, judgments, worker’s compensation, property damage, contracts, and other monies owed to Harris County. Their enforcement of laws involves cases of public health, deed restriction, crime victim’s compensation, and animal cruelty/dangerous dog seizure warrants. The group represents Harris County and numerous entities including the Harris County Appraisal Review Board, the Harris County Toll Road Authority, the Harris County Tax Office, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Constables, and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Defensive Litigation
The Defensive Litigation Division represents Harris County and various county entities, as well as county officials and employees, in general civil litigation. We handle a wide variety of cases filed in state court, including, for example, cases arising from automobile collisions, injuries suffered in parks, buildings and flood control ditches, contract disputes and the denial of bail bond licenses. Our attorneys also represent Harris County and its officials and employees in civil rights lawsuits filed in state and federal courts. These attorneys also represent Harris County and other county entities in federal and state lawsuits, civil service commission and labor arbitration, and other administrative proceedings involving employment claims.
Affirmative & Special Litigation
The Affirmative and Special Litigation Division represents Harris County and various county entities in complex, high-impact matters in a variety of areas, including consumer protection, nuisance, environmental, fraud, and contractual matters. We also investigate potential claims and regulatory enforcement against businesses and individuals. Our goal is to advance and protect, through litigation, the well-being, health and safety of Harris County residents.
Children’s Protective Services
The CPS Division represents the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in actions involving abused and neglected children in Harris County. We seek to obtain outcomes that are in the best interest of the children. These cases involve litigation under the Texas Family Code, and advising case workers.
Disability and Elder Law
The Disability and Elder Law Division represents the Harris County Guardianship Program, in which adults are under the supervision of the Harris County Probate Courts. This practice group works closely with The State of Texas in Mental Health commitment. They also collaborate with the Harris County Senior Justice Assessment Center, a consortium of state and county agencies that review cases/offer services for elderly victims of abuse and exploitation.
The Employment Division provides full service in-house advice and counsel to County departments and elected offices related to virtually all aspects of employment by the County, often in partnership with human resources professionals.  In addition, the Employment division responds to threats of litigation and represents the County and elected offices in agency investigations of employment matters as well as litigation in state and federal court.
Real Estate

The Real Estate Division handles legal matters regarding the County’s acquisitions and sales of real property. This includes legal research and drafting of legal documents for the purchase, sale, lease and operation of real estate including land title examinations, contracts, leases and concession agreements for parks and county buildings, roads and other public purposes. This group also litigates matters regarding real property, which includes the County’s acquisition of property through the power of eminent domain, declaratory judgments and inverse condemnations.

General Counsel
The General Counsel Division provides legal advice to the County’s elected and appointed officials and employees. This division provides general legal services covering law enforcement, public works, community services, road and building construction, park site planning and development, vendor selection and contract development, agreement preparation for design and engineering services, real property transactions, inter-local agreements with other governmental jurisdictions, Public Information Act requirements, open meetings requirements, and the application of state and federal laws and regulations related to HIV/AIDS programs, the medical examiner, parks and library operations, disaster planning, and emergency management services.
Hospital District

The Hospital District Division provides legal representation for the Harris County Hospital District (Harris Health System), its Board of Trustee, Ben Taub Hospital, Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, and over a dozen community health centers.  The Division’s work includes board and hospital governance, clinical operations, healthcare regulatory work, healthcare transactions, defense of claims, lawsuits and regulatory matters, along with 24/7 attorney on-call coverage to the hospitals and clinics. 

The Environmental Division enforces environmental laws and related County development regulations. It represents the public’s interest by opposing the issuance and renewal of environmental permits if the permit would be detrimental to public health. They also ensure Harris County’s compliance with environmental regulations; represent the county in state administrative hearings; and coordinate with federal, state, and local stakeholders on environmental legislation, rules, and policies affecting the county and its citizens.
Property Tax
The Property Tax Division, formed in 2023, prioritizes efficient and equitable solutions for delinquent taxpayers while maintaining a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service. This division focuses on resolving issues related to property tax payments in a manner that is fair to both taxpayers and Harris County. Its formation demonstrates the county’s dedication to improving tax collection processes. Click here to pay delinquent property taxes

Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library
The office also includes the Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law Library, which is a public library that serves the legal information needs of self-represented litigants, legal professionals, the judiciary, and County and other governmental officials. Public access to legal information is a critical component of open and equal access to the justice system. By order of Commissioners Court, it is a part of the Harris County Attorney’s Office and is funded by a fee accessed on all civil suits filed in the county and district courts of Harris County.