Report Price Gouging

Price Gouging in Harris County

The Harris County Attorney’s Office is fighting price gouging.

It is illegal for a company to sell or lease fuel, food, medicine, lodging, building materials, construction tools, or other necessities at an exorbitant or excessive price during a state of emergency.

What can you do?

  • Take photographs and hold on to your receipts.
  • Submit a complaint per the procedure below.

Make sure you submit a detailed description of your complaint — providing more details enhances our ability to thoroughly review the complaint.

Important details include:

  • Name and full address of the business against whom you are filing a complaint;
  • Date that you purchased or attempted to purchase an item from the business;
  • Brand and type of item you purchased or attempted to purchase;
  • Price of the item you purchased or attempted to purchase;
  • The name(s) of individual(s) you spoke with at the business; and
  • Receipt or picture of item and price if available;

Once we receive your complaint, you will receive a confirmation email. The Harris County Attorney’s Office will review your complaint and, if appropriate, take civil action to protect the public interest.

Be advised, our office does not pursue criminal charges or represent/provide legal advice to individuals. Complaints filed with our office are open records—any member of the public may file an open records request and view your complaint.

File a Complaint