Commissioner Precinct Redistricting

Harris County is divided into four commissioner court precincts. Based on the data from the United States Census Bureau that is received every 10 years, these precincts are reexamined and, if necessary, redrawn. For example, the United States Constitution prohibits large (greater than 10%) population differences across precincts. Harris County Commissioner Precincts are likely to exceed this 10% rule. Harris County must ensure that its precinct map complies with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act as well as the United States Constitution.

For a variety of reasons, delivery of the Census data from the Federal Government was delayed. Data, which was expected by April 30, 2021, was instead delivered on August 12, 2021. For the 2020 Census Redistricting File (Public Law 94-171) Dataset, please see here:

Below, please find some additional materials that relate to the Harris County Commissioner Precinct redistricting process:

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