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August 03, 2021
Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee Urges Residents to Give TxDOT Feedback on I-45 Expansion and the Unified Transportation Project
Houston, Texas (August 3, 2021) — Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee issued a statement in response to Monday’s public hearing on TxDOT’s Unified Transportation Project (UTP), the 10-year plan that guides the development of transportation work across Texas. TxDOT is asking the public to weigh in on whether the UTP should continue to include funding the I-45 North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) as proposed by TxDOT, or remove the project—and its funding—from the 10-year plan entirely. 

County Attorney Menefee stated: 

“TxDOT set up a sham ‘public input’ survey. The question on expanding I-45 gives residents only two options: keep the current design or remove the project and funding from TxDOT’s 10-year plan. This is a false choice, designed to trick residents into supporting TxDOT’s attempt to ram this project through. Thankfully, the residents participating in Monday night’s meeting saw through it and made it clear they reject this false choice. Residents deserve a meaningful public input process that allows them to express whether they want the project designed in a way that minimizes the impact to surrounding communities.”

County Attorney Menefee is calling on residents to give their feedback on the NHHIP and the survey by Monday, August 9. Residents should: 

• Go to the survey page (, 

• Click in the general comment box on question 1, and 

• Give your feedback (if you believe the I-45 project should continue but with a new, more equitable plan, write your response in the comment box and skip question 2).

About the Harris County Attorney’s Office
Christian D. Menefee serves as the Harris County Attorney, the County's chief civil lawyer. The Harris County Attorney's Office is committed to protecting and proactively advocating for the interests of Harris County residents and government through the civil justice system. Menefee continues to be a voice for the people, standing up for vulnerable communities and using civil actions to ensure our rights are protected and expanded.