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December 13, 2022
Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee Statement on District Judge Election Contest

Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee Statement on District Judge Election Contest

Houston, Texas – Today the Harris County Republican Party announced that Erin Lunceford, Republican candidate for the 189th District Court in the November 2022 election, is challenging the results of her race by filing an election contest. The Democratic candidate, Tamika Craft, received about 2,700 votes more than Lunceford.

“I was disappointed to see another losing candidate intends to challenge the results of their election. Judge Lunceford previously served on the bench, so I trust she understands the seriousness of asking a court to disregard the votes of over a million residents across Harris County,” said Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee. “This case will focus on the details of every aspect of the November 8 election in Harris County. My office will be involved in the case every step of the way to ensure people’s votes are protected.”

Although the contest is filed in Harris County, it will be heard by a judge from outside the county. The presiding judge of the Eleventh Administrative Judicial Region of Texas—who is appointed by Governor Abbott—will control the appointment of that judge. The contest comes less than a week after the candidate who lost to State Representative Jon Rosenthal (District 135) challenge the results of that race in the State House of Representatives.

About the Harris County Attorney's Office

Christian D. Menefee serves as the elected, top civil lawyer for Texas’ largest county. The Harris County Attorney’s Office represents the county in all civil matters including lawsuits. Menefee leads an office of 250 attorneys and staff members. He entered office at 32 years old, making him the youngest person and first African American elected as the Harris County Attorney.