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January 15, 2021
Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee Appoints New Leadership Team

After taking office two weeks ago, Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee recently announced the new leadership team for the Harris County Attorney’s Office (HCAO). 

Menefee began working to identify the team immediately following his election by establishing a committee of diverse professionals with relevant experience to interview candidates for senior positions in HCAO. The committee included:

  • Ashlee McFarlane, Gerger Khalil Hennessy & McFarlane
  • William McDonald, Jackson Walker LLP
  • Katie McNearney, Energy Transfer
  • Yvonne Taylor, Harris County District Attorney’s Office
  • Dave Matthiesen, Matthiesen & Associates
  • Jay Aiyer, HCAO
  • Amber Mostyn, Mostyn Law
  • Officer Edward Gordon, Jr., Chief Investigator for the Fort Bend District Attorney’s Office
  • Ashley Small, Medley Inc. 

The committee spent several weeks interviewing internal employees and outside applicants via Zoom, and made recommendations to Menefee.

“I’m excited about the team we’ve assembled.” Menefee said. “We’ve promoted some phenomenal lawyers from within the County Attorney’s Office, and we’re also bringing in talented lawyers from other government offices and the private sector. It’s a strong group committed to fighting for Harris County and its residents.”

Menefee made the following appointments to the HCAO leadership team:

  • Deputy County Attorney - Jonathan Fombonne (previously with Kirkland & Ellis LLP)
  • First Assistant - Jay Aiyer (HCAO)
  • Chief Operational Officer - Dr. Modeane Walker (previously served as Chief Learning Officer of City of Houston)
  • Communications Director - Stephanie Palmer (previously with Harris Health System)
  • Chief Investigator - Fabian Arista (HCAO)
  • Special Assistant County Attorney - Neal Sarkar (previously with Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C. [AZA Law])
  • Managing Counsel - Tiffany Bingham (previously with City of Houston Law Department)
  • Assistant County Attorney - Courtney Carlson (previously with Jackson Walker)
  • Managing Counsel - Seth Hopkins (HCAO)
  • Managing Counsel - Scott Lemond (HCAO)
  • Managing Counsel - Tiffany Reedy (HCAO)
  • Division Director (Defensive Litigation) - Stan Clark (HCAO)
  • Division Director (Compliance) - Mimi Han (HCAO)
  • Division Director (Environmental) - Sarah Utley (HCAO)
  • Division Director (Hospital District) - Sara Thomas (HCAO)
  • Division Director (Real Estate) - Donald Stricklin (HCAO)
  • Division Director (General Counsel) - Christy Gilbert (HCAO)
  • Child Protective Services - Jeanice Dawes & Curtrina Majors (HCAO)
  • Disability & Elder Law - Cecilia Longoria (HCAO)
  • Communications - Kelly King